The Lioness' Den

2 March
Oakland, California, United States
University High School - Irvine CA (1984 - 1988)
University of New Mexico - Albuquerque - Albuquerque NM (1993 - 1999)
Interests: (103)
academia, alan rickman, alice walker, ang lee, angela davis, apple martinis, art, audre lorde, avoidant personality disorder, baking, bell hooks, buddhism, clive owen, clothes, compassion, computers, cooking, costume design, couch surfing, cuddle party, cuddling, decoupage, dr. seuss, drawing, eastern philosophy, environmentalism, exploding dog, fat issues, feminism, film, garcia lorca, gender theory, gloria steinem, harry potter, heart in sexuality, inga muscio, interior design, intimacy, intuition, jack painter, joe jackson, kathy griffin, kevin spacey, lesbians, lithography, love, margaret cho, mark ruffalo, marxism, meditation, minneapolis, morphic resonance, ms. magazine, naomi watts, naomi wolfe, organic food, organic produce, painting, pattern making, pheremones, philip seymour hoffman, poetry, politics, polyamorous, polyamory, post secret, postural integration, print-making, programming, progressive politics, pronoia, queers, radical feminism, rebecca walker, red wine, robert thurman, sacred sexuality, sculpture, sensuality, sewing, sex, sexual exploration, sexual intellect, sexuality, simpsons, six feet under, social democracy, social justice, socialism, suzan lori-parks, tamara de lempicka, tantra, tequila, the dalai lama, theatre, tibetan buddhism, twin cities, twister, vodka, welding, wilco, women, yoga
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